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okay but this one is all too real


okay but this one is all too real

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To paint over ANY surface, without sanding, use a product called ‘ESP Easy Surface Prep’, available at hardware and paint shops. Wipe on, wipe off and paint in 90 minutes. Works well over enamel paint , without having to sand. SAVES HOURS of work. It was recommended to me by a professional painter.

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can we please fucking kill the idea that polyamorous people are cheaters by nature and incapable of healthy monogamous relationships

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i laughed so hard at the “i don’t know” and “something is wrong”

the twilight one is like abstract poetry

If you read it all together it’s like the most awkward, tense conversation ever.

"My name is Katniss Everdeen," I sighed. Nothing happened.

"I don’t know," he sighed.

Harry looked around, I shake my head and shrugged.

Harry stared. “I am seventeen years old.”

I frowned and he waited.

"My home is District 12."

Harry chuckled and said nothing. Now I wish I had.

I laughed. We looked at each other. I swallowed hard. He shrugged. Harry blinked and hesitates. I flinched.

He looked around. “I’m not really surprised.”

I took a deep breath, something he didn’t have last time. “Something is wrong.”

He didn’t answer. He stood up.



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Me rn lol


think you should probably lose the my there, that’s the cougar’s house now

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Nailed it!

Black Girls*

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I’m nervous and excited and oddly sleepy. My biggest thing is thinking that I have enough to say/do for 3 1/3 hours and it turns out to only be like an hour because the audience thinks I’m boring as shit. I do know one thing though: my outfit is gonna be cute as fuck & my makeup will be on point. My confidence is always on 10 when I feel like I’ve fooled people into believing that I’m halfway attractive lol