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Precious angels

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You had me at bacon


He goes in

so important!

need this dress!

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maaaaan the lengths black men have to go to to protect their pride and egos living under the pressure of this society really scare me. i hope to god i’m able to raise my son if i have one to be able to take Ls gracefully and know when to back down and understand it doesn’t make him less of a man because my heart literally breaks thinking of how many black men (and boys) lost their lives or compromised their spirits because they think their reputation or their pride is all they have to live for and all that makes them worthy so protecting it and defending it matters more than their lives.

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She was preaching

Reblogging ESPECIALLY for those last two tweets

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This dreamy marble mani uses NO water. it’s true! Click here for more photos and a tutorial.

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I want my whole aura to make you horny, when we speak


An Awesome Studio Apartment In Philadelphia

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